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All available girls have a specific type to them that allows them advantages and disadvantages over other types of girls. The type is not just superficial though, as it does some offer some degree of insight into the kind of person they are.

Different TypesEdit

There are 5 different types in the game:

  1. Cute button Cute
  2. Passion button Passion
  3. Cool button Cool
  4. Devil button Devil
  5. Pure button Pure


The following chart shows the relationship the types have with one another. Type chart

Text BreakdownEdit

Cute through Cool:

  • Cute does more damage to Passion, but less to Cool types.
  • Passion does more damage to Cool, but less to Cute types.
  • Cool does more damage to Cute, but less to Passion types.
  • Cute, Passion and Cool do neutral damage to Pure and Devil types.

Pure and Devil:

  • Pure deals and takes more damage from Devil and vice versa.
  • Both Pure and Devil deal and take neutral damage to the other three types.